rocking horses for sale

Rocking Horses for Sale

Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse

Lavished with praise and awards and hailed as the world's finest rocking horse for young children, there has probably never been such a combination of fun and design sophistication in a rocking horse. A super little horse with heirloom qualities. At just £299 plus delivery (or £349 with full tack as shown), this is probably the best value small rocking horse anywhere.

Category: Made regularly. Usually available quickly.

Stirling rocking horse


This Stirling Junior rocking horse is a super little choice for the younger child to use up until the age of, say, 7 or 8. The price of just £895 plus delivery represents excellent value for money for a handmade British rocking horse.

Category: Usually made to order. Sometimes in stock.

Derwent rocking horse


You would never know it to look at him, but the Derwent is not made of wood, but of fibreglass. Based on a classic G & J Lines design, this rocking horse is attractive, durable and robust and costs much less than the equivalent wooden horse. Derwent is 46" tall, but costs only £995 plus delivery

Ribble rocking horse


Two Ribble horses were made available for sale. The smaller horse is 36" tall and costs £1,195 plus delivery. The larger horse (pictured) has now been sold.

Lancaster Rocking Horse Medium


More Details to follow.

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Chester Dapple Grey

The Chester Dapple from Kensington Rocking Horses is crafted from walnut, tacked-up with saddler-made tack and numnah and is one of the world's finest rocking horses.

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